A semi-regular newsletter from a hirsute Classicist

My 36th birthday was the day before lockdown orders were announced. I’m sorry, everyone.

Welcome to Dispatches from Chuck. I’m starting this newsletter not so much for clout or engagement or branding or popularity, but really as a means to pick up writing again. The pandemic has so far scorched my cerebrum that I feel the need for a creative outlet yet again, and a semi-regular newsletter feels like the better solution than starting yet another podcast. Also, no one’s hiring writers at the moment.

What will we be tackling here on a semi-regular basis? Well, pretty much whatever pops into my brain and I happen to get a stick in my ass about. Recipes? Sure. Rants about Atlanta sports? Of course. Ole Miss compliance news? Fuck no. Funny educational bits from Greek and Latin literature? Yeah, definitely. PoLiTiCs? Perhaps.

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